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The Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) is a peak body for the Social and Community Sector in the NT and an advocate for social justice on behalf of people and communities in the NT, who may be affected by poverty and disadvantage.

NTCOSS plays a coordination, advocacy, policy and sector support, and leadership and information role for the Social and Community Sector in the NT.

This includes:

  • Sector Support – provision of industry support and advice to the Social and Community Sector, including training and advice on community management issues and on running an organisation, e.g. administration, staff management, finance and funding issues. It also includes undertaking specific sector development and capacity building projects.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the Sector, to Government, in relation to industry issues, e.g. funding issues, workforce issues such as changes to the SACS Award, introduction of new funding guidelines, and legislation and the impact of these changes on the Sector, etc.
  • Social Policy and Advocacy – NTCOSS undertakes policy development, analysis and research on social policy issues and develops policy positions that reflect the views of the Social and Community Sector and their consumers. Social Policy Areas include – community services, income support, employment, education, housing and homelessness, law and justice and social policy in relation to the range of different population groups, e.g. Indigenous people, young people and people with disabilities etc. NTCOSS helps shape the public policy agenda by responding to Government proposals and by advocating to Government on the concerns of the Social and Community Sector and their constituencies.
  • Advocacy in relation to social justice issues for people and communities in the NT who are socially and financially disadvantaged.
  • Information for members and stakeholders – e.g. regular newsletters and updates, access to a resource library as well as a comprehensive directory and electronic database of community services in the NT, etc.
  • A Territory specific focus to national issues throughout the State, Territory and National Council of Social Service network.