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NTCOSS Sector Development Consultancy Service

NTCOSS Sector Development Consultancy Service – Supporting a Strong and Sustainable Community Sector

NTCOSS provides one-on-one consultancy services to help community sector organisations become stronger and more sustainable. Consultancy services can be as little as a short phone call to get an answer to a question, or could be a number of face-to-face consultations over several weeks.

NTCOSS can assist with:-

  • Workforce planning and development
  • Workforce recruitment and retention strategies
  • Policy and procedures development
  • Incorporation and associated responsibilties
  • Research, resources and tools
  • Referrals and link up to professional services

NTCOSS also delivers group training in response to sector need and facilitates the community sector manager’s skill swap meetings every two months. NTCOSS consultancy service is free of charge, subject to demand and availability.

For further information or assistance please contact: Darwin Office ph: 08 8948 2665 or email:

NTCOSS has established a ‘Register of Consultants‘ that have a proven record working in the Northern Territory Community Sector.