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CDU Project – Value of the NFP Sector in the NT


Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) engaged Prof. Ram Vemuri and Dr Abhishek Shukla of the School of Business at Charles Darwin University to assess the contribution of the Not for profit sector (NFPS) in the Northern Territory. NFPS is addressed by many different names such as “third sector”, “voluntary sector” and “social economy”. Not for Profit sector is very diverse and boundaries defining the sector are fuzzy. They deliver services to their members, clients or to the community through operations in multiple fields, for example in welfare, education, sports, arts, culture and emergency services, building or maintaining community endowments such as biodiversity, cultural heritage and artistic creations, advocacy and/or political activities. Also, they are envisaged as organisations promoting redistribution, reciprocity and/or cooperative spirit.

Aims of the project

This project aims to comprehensively measure the contribution of NFPS to the Northern Territory. More specifically, this project determines appropriate NT relevant measures to evaluate the sector’s contribution to the Northern Territory in order to better influence government policy and programs towards the sector.

In order to conduct a thorough evaluation of NFPS, this project has been organized into three stages. They are as follows:

  • Stage I – Identification of variables to appropriately measure NFPS in the Northern Territory.
  • Stage II – Capturing value of NFPS.
  • Stage III – Impact assessment of NFPS in the Northern Territory.

Click here to download Stage I Report